Recent research into the area of infidelity reveals some interesting data: women appear to be closing the gap. Until recently, it was believed that women cheated on their mates less frequently and for very different reasons than did men. Women were believed to cheat much less often, and only when they were no longer in love or very unhappy as compared to men who cheated more easily-almost casually-and even if they were happy in their relationships, both emotionally and sexually.

But the new research appears to show that not only are women cheating on their husbands and committed partners at nearly the same rate as men, but for the same reasons. 

Researchers are uncertain whether the gap in infidelity rates among men and women are actually closing or only appear to be closing. In the “post-feminist” era of female independence and egalitarian couplings, women are nearly as likely to be out of the house and traveling for work as their partners. (Work is one of the primary locations one is likely to become embroiled in an affair.)

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