Depression sometimes leaves a person feeling hopeless and even powerless. Symptoms seem uncontrollable. But researchers have found that there are ways for those with depression to have more personal power in their healing. Researchers have identified certain things that may cause depression symptoms to actually get worse. Those with depression can prevent themselves from falling deeper into depression by eliminating these certain things from their life.


Alcohol, itself, is a depressant that can cause even more damage in the life of someone who is already suffering from depression. The Mayo Clinic sites multiple reasons why alcohol and depression are a hurtful combination. Alcohol can affect sleep and brain activity, and can be a deadly mix with anti-depressant medications.

Alcohol depletes the body of essential mood-regulating neurotransmitters. When levels of Omega-3s and B vitamins are lowered by alcohol, the body loses dopamine, folate, and serotonin which help the body relax and gives feelings of contentment.

Excessive alcohol consumption also raises glucose and insulin levels, which increases the risk of inflammatory diseases and depression.

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