Gambling is just like some other risky activities, in that when done in moderation, for enjoyment, there’s nothing too bad about it. However, like other bad habits, it becomes destructive when a person becomes addicted and the economic impact of gambling addiction exacts a heavy toll.

A Catholic nun is facing grand larceny charges in New York, according to the Daily Mail, as she has been caught with her hand in the collection plate. Sister Mary Anne Rapp has been arrested for allegedly stealing from the coffers of St. Mark and St. Mary’s, two churches in the upstate New York region, located in the towns of Kendall, N.Y., and Holley, N.Y. She is alleged to have stolen $128,000 between 2006 and 2010 to feed her gambling addiction.

The Buffalo News quoted the prosecutor handling the case as saying “I don’t remember ever prosecuting a nun for anything.” He also observed that it appears the theft was the product of a crippling addiction to gambling, as it was “not a situation where the sister was living an extravagant life.”

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