The end of year bank bonus season is a time where many will receive a significant portion of their salary. For many it is used to build a secure future, provide for family/friends, and perhaps get a little caught up in the holiday season.  Unfortunately the bonus season also creates a perfect opportunity for an addict to go on a very long binge of drugs, alcohol, and sex.

The financial services and banking sector have shown a proclivity to addiction, not that they are alone, but it is a serious issue affecting many people.  There are inherent factors that lead people who join the banking and financial industry towards a life of addiction.  First off, you are often dealing with a Type A personality which lends itself to extremes instead of balance.  Then you have mentors, peers, and clients who you network with in unhealthy ways that lead to bad choices.  And lastly, the work consumes you day and night, leaving little opportunity to wind down and focus on self-improvement.

When the New Year comes and January rolls through the enquiries for addiction help for bankers goes up.  The bonus money has been spent and the cold realisation that they have lost control is the needed push to get help with addiction.  I typically find most of my clients struggling with these four vices:

  • Drugs, often Cocaine, but also party drugs and prescription/OTC abuse
  • Heavy alcohol use or dependency
  • High sex urges manifesting in use of prostitutes/strip clubs
  • Problem Gambling from sports to spread betting

The good news is that these year-end bonus addiction binges are often the catalyst for seeking help. Once the financial services person is in a good program and therapy session the work is typically more straightforward to recovery. The same drive and extremes that put them in need of help are the same tools they can use to get control again.  

When unpacking their history to understand the nature of the addiction; the cause tends to be tied up mostly in the environment and lesser in the individual.  Taking the right steps to putting control back into their life is more about teaching ways to deal with stress, situational strategies, and new behavioural/mental tactics.  Working with people so focused on winning in their career gives them an edge to grasp and transform their personal lives as it becomes a similar target to win.  All that is needed is the rules and the right strategy of this game implemented and they are often the most successful clients.

If you are looking for help with gambling, drug, cocaine, alcohol, and other addictions; find out how I can help you overcome them today.  A free call and assessment to put you on the path to getting control back.