You want help with beating addiction and are now looking around the many options available to you but unsure of which path to take.  Each person has a unique history and can succeed with one or more types of addiction treatment.  There is help available for all people, regardless of money, status, criminal history, and more.  You may have self-doubt about being worthy of a second chance.  That’s the addiction speaking and it doesn’t want you to get help.  You are worth a second chance!  And I will provide you the proper path to recovery for free.

I am a qualified addiction counsellor and have helped many people beat addiction through my practice Mark Dempster Counselling.  I begin most of my therapy work with a phone call to help me to understand your circumstances better and outline a plan of action for you that fits into your life and your desire to recover from addiction.

Low Income

If you do not have the money for a private counselling session there are plenty of free resources you can take advantage of from your local council to twelve step programmes.  These addiction treatment paths offer you a low cost solution.  At twelve step programmes you need to find the will to keep coming back to make it work.  It is a usual place to find recovery but it is not for everyone.  When approaching your local council for help you will need to go through a few bureaucratic steps and most likely a waiting period before receiving help.  The care given here is typically good but you’ll have to give yourself over to system of treatment which does not have much flexibility or choice for the service user.

Need help fast?

If you are in dire need of help and want it fast, I provide rehab and detox advice and recommendations for your specific type of addiction.  I also help families and friends needing help with creating, planning, and delivering successful interventions.  My 16 years of experience of addiction counselling in London has built up my network of contacts and knowledge of the best providers of drug and alcohol addiction treatment.  Take my free phone consultation to point you in the right direction for rehab and detox addiction therapy.

Addiction Counselling

Finally, there is the one to one counselling method that I provide which gives people looking for help with beating addiction a truly open choice on how to stop addiction and begin living again.  Working with me allows you to keep your addiction confidential, you control the meeting times to fit within your work/family/life schedule, and you receive the best personalised addiction treatment.  Think of it like clothing.  Going to Primark or Zara will get you dressed.  Going to a tailor will get you dressed to your body type and make you look the best.  Beating addiction is a major stepping stone towards a new life so when you invest in your life like a tailored suit, you are investing in something that will give you the best chance for success.

Your Next Step: One Free Phone Call

If you have found your way to my website then you are probably looking for help with beating addiction.  I beat my own addictions 17 years ago and know how difficult it is to take that first step. Here’s the deal, I love helping people beat addictions so with you calling me today, right now, you are doing me a favour.  You are giving my life its purpose and that is why I give a free consultation on the phone to provide you with the experience and knowledge on beating addiction and how you can go from today to recovery.  My number is 020 3239 7061, I hope you will call me.