Restorative Recovery Prescribing Ltd is jointly run by Tracy Woodward Gagetta and the UK’s foremost addiction expert, Mark Dempster. The organisation’s purpose to continue research with the system and to further the use of the system within the private, voluntary and public sectors, participating in that research.

RRP is working on new ways to expand the use of alternatives to detox and recovery from addiction.  Key to this is the Tauto-Mod® titration system which uses a dilution to detoxify the body of addictive substances.  We have been able to break addictions from cocaine, marijuana, meth, alcohol and more.  A trial at SWDAS resulted in 60% of clients fully detoxed.

Alongside the Tauto-Mod® titration system we also offer expert counselling to help prescribe and work clients through the detox programme.  Clients will receive tailored counselling to reach their recovery potential and have a long term plan to ensure that recovery is as permanent as one can make it.

RRP is also working with private and public health care commissioners and is involved with nationwide studies in homeopathy research.

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