ARC has a two-fold strategy, implementing the best addiction treatment services and offering this knowledge to addiction treatment professionals. The company was founded by top addiction expert Mark Dempster and widely sought after UK hypnotherapist Louise Moore. ARC will combine their experience and teaching capabilities to deliver:

Certified Addiction Training and e-learning for professionals, from counsellors, doctors, and drug and alcohol workers.
Membership program helping counsellors to deliver ARC quality rated addiction services and increase their client bookings
Holistic recovery treatment packages for people with chemical dependency, including support to families and loved ones of addicts.

Mark Dempster, who has authored two books on addiction, explains his motivation behind forming ARC.

“I have been delivering addiction treatment for many years, from people having problems dealing with gambling, food, sex, internet, drugs, and alcohol. I have also been there to pick up the pieces when clients went to an over priced and low quality treatment centre. ARC is my contribution to addiction services across the UK to provide top level training and membership to addiction treatment professional to ensure the highest quality and value for money services win more clients. Often, you get just a small window, one chance, to catch an addict looking for recovery. Missing it or giving them poor treatment not only harms them but society as a whole. ARC branded practitioners will become the beacon that addicts look for as we develop the reputation for turning around people’s lives”

Mark has recently written his second book, a self-help guide for stopping addictive behaviour and fulfilling ambitions called ‘The Ongoing Path’. This book and recovery philosophy will include online resources and support materials on the ARC website.

The ARC cofounder, Louise Moore, is a top UK hypnotherapist and holistic healer. As one size does not fit all, this partnership of addiction counselling combined with holistic services enables ARC to reach out and meet the needs of many more addiction clients. Combining the ‘Hypno’ meditation programmes, Havening Techniques™, and Wellness Therapies bridges a gap that is too common in addiction treatment today. An addiction counsellor spends many years learning their practice but often overlooks or does not care to also learn holistic healing. ARC brings the best of both together and with the tight working partnership between Louise and Mark, it will bring forth new best practices and shared experience to deliver the right kind of treatment tailored for each client.

ARC’s training and membership programme for professionals will offer courses and e-learning package for individuals and organisations. These courses enable people working in addiction treatment to have the skills and knowledge to follow best practice in order to maximize help for the addict. Membership services include the training as well as business development, support, and increased brand awareness. Once accepted into the membership programme, ARC specialists can be relied on for top quality addiction treatment services, bringing a new era of standards to a field that varies too much in costs and outcomes. ARC is here to take the addiction treatment market to the next level and offer clients, commissioners, and professionals a brand and service that can be trusted to deliver.

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