Thank you for listening as we discuss the issues surrounding legal highs and the destruction they can bring to countless people.  The belief of ‘if it is legal, it can’t be that bad’ is fueling a lot of overdose deaths. Others find the drugs to be the legal forbidden fruit, a loophole to enjoy as much as they want without getting in trouble.

If you find yourself or know others with an addiction to drugs (legal and illegal), alcohol, gambling and any type of addictive behaviour or substance abuse, please contact me for a free consultation to plan your way to a new life.

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It is possible to change your life, I am proof of that, having spent years addicted to many substances and constantly making poor life choices. I ended up broke, homeless, and without hope, friends, or family. Now I am 16 years clean and followed my passion to become a certified counsellor that specialises in addiction treatment. I can help you stop the endless cycle of addiction, all you need to do is listen to that one voice telling you to contact someone who can get you out and give you your life back.