Therapy Today magazine has published my journey to becoming a leading addiction recovery counsellor.  My story is about my transformation from being an addict to helping addicts beat their own addictions, from gambling, alcohol, drugs, sex, and more.  Read the article here:

Cover_TTMay14If you are looking for a great journal on psychotherapy and counselling, get a subscription to Therapy Today. Published by the BACP, it is the premier journal for people interested in and working in the fields of counselling and psychotherapy.  For magazine subscription enquiries contact:

I have written my autobiography ‘Nothing to Declare’ that dives into my past in much more detail, from London drug dealer/user to London addiction counsellor, which you can purchase here:   I spent many years addicted to drugs, alcohol, and gambling; and eventually in and out of prisons.  That experience makes my counselling practice today much more enriched, from the darkness into light.  I know what it was like to steal to get money for drugs, I know how attractive a drink (and then 10 more) helps heal your emotional pain if just for a moment, I know how it feels to be powerless and out of control.  If you are looking for help, please get in contact today.  I can help you or point you in the right direction.