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Mark Dempster takes on rogue detox and treatment facilities

Mark Dempster, one of the UK’s top addiction experts and author of ‘Nothing to Declare’ and ‘The Ongoing Path’, takes on rogue detox and treatment facilities. After over seventeen years of working with drug and alcohol addiction clients and helping them through detox, treatment and long term recovery, I am as passionate as ever about [...]

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Therapy Today Magazine, “How I became a therapist: Mark Dempster”

Therapy Today magazine has published my journey to becoming a leading addiction recovery counsellor.  My story is about my transformation from being an addict to helping addicts beat their own addictions, from gambling, alcohol, drugs, sex, and more.  Read the article here: If you are looking for a great journal on psychotherapy and counselling, get [...]

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Signs of gambling addiction, London counselling resources

A compulsive gambler is in the grips of a progressive disease. They often are starting off with small bets but as they continue to gambling and push the line to all or nothing, they begin to have many negative side effects. Personally they range from anxiety, anger, secrecy, depression and more. The gambler develops an [...]

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Mark Dempster, Director of Addictions at newly launched Recovery Prescribing

Restorative Recovery Prescribing Ltd is jointly run by Tracy Woodward Gagetta and the UK’s foremost addiction expert, Mark Dempster. The organisation’s purpose to continue research with the system and to further the use of the system within the private, voluntary and public sectors, participating in that research. RRP is working on new ways to expand [...]

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Gambling addiction in the UK and current gambling statistics

Gambling addiction is a tough habit to beat as it grips you in a short term reward pattern wherein the player does not fully comprehend the long term losses and impact on their quality of life. Their brain becomes wired to seek out the pleasure of the bet and the win. In case of a [...]

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London Drug Addiction Counselling and Finding Drug Addiction Counselling Services

Finding the right support for drug addiction counselling in London is difficult when you are at your rock bottom and hoping to latch onto a turning point.  If you are reading this then you most likely were googling ‘help with drug addiction’ or similar.  Do you want a change in the direction your life is [...]

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Free Consultation for Addiction with a London Addiction Counselling Therapist

You want help with beating addiction and are now looking around the many options available to you but unsure of which path to take.  Each person has a unique history and can succeed with one or more types of addiction treatment.  There is help available for all people, regardless of money, status, criminal history, and [...]

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The health risks of cocaine addiction

The damage to your health that can be caused by cocaine addiction is split across short and long term sections. From the first time taking cocaine the user typically only feels the benefits. Cocaine is a powerful stimulant that provides short term feelings of euphoria, confidence, clarity, energy and more. The signs of cocaine use [...]

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Help with cocaine addiction

Cocaine addiction is often progressive from that first line or bump because of the benefits a user feels at the beginning. There is typically no drawback and full of benefits as a person under the influence is incredibly energised and productive. In a city like London where I practice cocaine and addiction counselling I see [...]

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Gambling addiction triggers and beating cravings

Cravings are a normal part of winning against gambling addiction.  It is similar to have a healing wound on your body, as it heals it can start to itch.  This means it is getting better.  The solution to healing is to deal with the itch responsibly; you wouldn’t cut your wound again to remove the [...]

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