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DDN Part 2: Nothing to declare

In the second part of his personal story, Mark Dempster leaves for London, takes tips from a terrorist and heads towards the ‘big time’.  It didn’t take me long to go from using drugs to dealing them. Even since I was a kid I had hung around older boys who were into drinking and drugs and the hippy, traveller [...]

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DDN: Nothing to declare

Over the next six issues, Mark Dempster shares his uncompromising story of drug dealing and addiction. Growing up in Glasgow, the young Mark already starts to push the boundaries. I was too young to sit in the pub so all I could do was watch through the window. I’d spy the men drinking and smoking. I desperately wanted to [...]

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Bankers on Wonga: payday lenders causing ‘misery and hardship’ even among the rich

This morning the Office of Fair Trading slammed payday lenders for ‘causing misery and hardship’. It’s not just the poor who suffer — even in the bonus-rich City, some high-earners are borrowing at huge interest rates against the next salary cheque. Joshi Herrmann reports ( Jamie, a 25-year-old banker, is describing his life in the [...]

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Robert Elms Show

Mark Dempster, Nigel Barden and Gisli Orn Gardarsson Mark Dempster on his new book, Nigel Barden on food, this week’s ‘Fourfer’ is The Pioneers and actor Gisli Orn Gardarsson.

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My Sunday Mail Article on ‘Nothing to Declare’

The Sunday Mail covered my book 'Nothing to Declare', here is the article in pdf  Part 1:  Part 2: Find the story interesting? You'll also see the power of recovery and if it can happen for me I can help it happen for you too. Buy my book 'Nothing to Declare' it here: [...]

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Addict’s journey from drugs hell to becoming a Harley Street rehab guru

Article about my journey and book in the Daily Record: WHEN Mark Dempster leaves his Harley Street clinic to head home, he passes the spot where he was scoring drugs and sleeping rough just a few years ago. Counselling stressed-out city traders and millionaires’ kids on addiction, the softly-spoken Scot is one of the UK’s [...]

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Drug use in British prisons

It’s perhaps not the biggest come-hither to the audience for a lecture if the lecturer confesses at the outset that the subject upon which he is going to speak is one that in part he is fairly ignorant of, and in another part quite bores him – yet that is exactly my position. Many of [...]

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Inside the mind of a cheater

If we've learned anything over the resignation of retired Gen. David Petraeus as the head of the CIA over an admitted affair, it's that high-ranking men and women continue to break the rules. Affairs will always make the headlines. So why is it that these powerful leaders continue to put their careers and reputations at [...]

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Seven alcohol myths

  Blame it on craft beers, inexpensive wine or the down economy -- North Americans are sipping more alcohol, more often. (Twenty-two percent of you say you drink too much, up from 17 percent a decade ago.) And while you all know that problem drinking is a serious health risk (any more than two drinks [...]

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Secret life of my ‘alcohol-dependent’ father says the next Archbishop of Canterbury

In his first interview since becoming the incoming leader of the Anglican Church, Bishop Justin Welby revealed the struggles he had faced as a teenager at Eton, nursing his alcohol-dependant father whose behaviour had become increasingly erratic. Since the age of three, Justin had been brought up alone by his businessman father, Gavin Welby, a [...]

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