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/Blog covering Addiction News, Counselling, and Mark Dempster recovery stories/

The health risks of cocaine addiction

The damage to your health that can be caused by cocaine addiction is split across short and long term sections. From the first time taking cocaine the user typically only feels the benefits. Cocaine is a powerful stimulant that provides short term feelings of euphoria, confidence, clarity, energy and more. The signs of cocaine use [...]

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Help with cocaine addiction

Cocaine addiction is often progressive from that first line or bump because of the benefits a user feels at the beginning. There is typically no drawback and full of benefits as a person under the influence is incredibly energised and productive. In a city like London where I practice cocaine and addiction counselling I see [...]

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Gambling addiction triggers and beating cravings

Cravings are a normal part of winning against gambling addiction.  It is similar to have a healing wound on your body, as it heals it can start to itch.  This means it is getting better.  The solution to healing is to deal with the itch responsibly; you wouldn’t cut your wound again to remove the [...]

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How the financial services industry leads many to addiction

Finance industry workers typically look fine from the outside; good money, nice house, a steady job, lots of friends… but many have a harmful addiction lurking beneath the surface.  Is it the people that choose the financial services industry or the environmental pressures inside that causes such high rates of addiction?  It is often an [...]

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Advice on avoiding the Christmas Party alcohol nightmare

The annual office party season leads many people to overindulge on alcohol and leads to their work reputation being harmed or even causes them to lose their jobs. For most people, an office party is an opportunity to temporarily break from the formalities of the work environment.  Away from work pressures, staff bond in a [...]

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End of year bank bonuses create dangerous opportunities

The end of year bank bonus season is a time where many will receive a significant portion of their salary. For many it is used to build a secure future, provide for family/friends, and perhaps get a little caught up in the holiday season.  Unfortunately the bonus season also creates a perfect opportunity for an [...]

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Addiction interview on CNTV with Mark Dempster

Interview of all my years within the grips of addiction and the positive result that came from finally breaking free from addiction, bad influences, and poor decision making. Take a look here on my YouTube channel and see all my videos on addiction.

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Signs of gambling addiction includes substance abuse

<span style="color: #000000;">The pathological gambling addict has another problem to face. Found in a new study, the problem gambler population is also up to 20% substance abusers.</span> <span style="color: #000000;">The study from Dr. Flora Matheson at the St. Michael's Hospital Centre confirmed a high likelihood for gambling addiction to be connected to drug addiction.</span> <span [...]

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No Smoking signs are bad for smokers

A psychological study on smoking signs has shown that their constant presence can trigger smokers to light up. As a sign that negates an activity it actually becomes a reminder to smokers to grab their next cigarette. Even with a smoker unaware that they have seen the signs it has an effect on their smoking [...]

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Gambling Addiction Infographics: Insights into the words of addicts and their families

While this isn't a scientific analysis these charts may show you a pattern of similarities to your situation with gambling addiction. Whether you are dealing with gambling addiction or are a family member or friend who has a problem gambler in your life, see how these words relate to your own situation. Let us know [...]

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