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/Blog covering Addiction News, Counselling, and Mark Dempster recovery stories/

Gambling addiction: The real numbers

The 2010 British Gambling Prevalence Survey showed 73% of adults in Great Britain had gambled in the past year, that is about 35.5 million adults! About 1-2% of gamblers are found to be problem gamblers, making 355,000 to 710,000 adults with a form of gambling addiction. This small group can generate 30% - 60% of [...]

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How gambling addiction counselling works, an insider’s view of what you can expect when you choose professional help

An inside peak into the steps and process for beating gambling addiction.  This case study illustrates the threefold approach to creating a successful outcome for 'David', an anonymous portrayal of real client's addiction, treatment, and counselling. The client. David was 38 years old when he came to me. He was a senior manager at an [...]

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The increasing danger of legal highs

Thank you for listening as we discuss the issues surrounding legal highs and the destruction they can bring to countless people.  The belief of 'if it is legal, it can't be that bad' is fueling a lot of overdose deaths. Others find the drugs to be the legal forbidden fruit, a loophole to enjoy as [...]

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Talk Radio Europe, The Daily with Dave Hodgson interviews Mark Dempster

On the radio with Dave Hodgson from Talk Radio Europe discussing my history of drug addiction, smuggling, dealing, and recovery from my autobiography Nothing to Declare. The depth of despair and hopelessness I've experienced in addiction and bad choices led me to be broke and homeless. Finding recovery in 12 step programs and [...]

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Internet Addiction: The Digital Dope In Your House

I have worked with several clients and have spoken with many others with Internet addictions. I’ve seen how something so useful can destroy lives. Because of my experiences both personally and professionally in addiction treatment I founded Mark Dempster Counselling and am a BACP member. I published my own story of recovery, Nothing to Declare: [...]

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My Robert Elms, BBC London Radio Interview

Here is my interview on Nothing to Declare: Confessions of an Unsuccessful Drug Smuggler, Dealer and Addict with additional insights from Robert's questions about my time in the grips of addiction, turning into dealing, and recovery.  Many stories from my past that you hear me speak about to help connect what you have read in the [...]

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Get on a winning streak

Compulsive gamblers who want to stop losing and reclaim their lives, jobs and relationships must start by ‘unpacking’ their thinking. Mark Dempster shares his threefold approach with clients, from casinos to money markets. Many of the gambling addicts whom I treat have been or are working in the financial sectors – bankers, traders, accountants and [...]

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Relapse Prevention Strategies – Mark Dempster

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My spot on ITV daybreak talking about the proposed consumption rooms in Brighton

Always surprises me how this illness in sobriety tries to rob me off joy. Yesterday morning when I came out of the itv studio I was convinced I had been totally ineffective, however when I listened to it last night I was slightly shocked and proud of myself. I reiterate mark twain's classic - I've [...]

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UK’s proposed drug consumption rooms The UK could soon provide rooms where addicts can take illegal drugs without being arrested in an attempt to reduce the number of people dying as a result of taking drugs. The city of Brighton wants to provide such a safe haven for drug addicts. VoR hosts a debate on the idea. To discuss the new [...]

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