Book Review by John George Graham, Therapeutic Counsellor: The Ongoing Path

This eagerly anticipated second book by the very highly regarded authority on active addiction and recovery therefrom, Mark Dempster, is laced with priceless life experience that allows the reader – whether professional or secular – to identify with the colourful and caring human being Mark is; the title naturally suggestive of the readership this reservoir [...]

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DDN Part 2: Nothing to declare

In the second part of his personal story, Mark Dempster leaves for London, takes tips from a terrorist and heads towards the ‘big time’.  It didn’t take me long to go from using drugs to dealing them. Even since I was a kid I had hung around older boys who were into drinking and drugs and the hippy, traveller [...]

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DDN: Nothing to declare

Over the next six issues, Mark Dempster shares his uncompromising story of drug dealing and addiction. Growing up in Glasgow, the young Mark already starts to push the boundaries. I was too young to sit in the pub so all I could do was watch through the window. I’d spy the men drinking and smoking. I desperately wanted to [...]

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My Sunday Mail Article on ‘Nothing to Declare’

The Sunday Mail covered my book 'Nothing to Declare', here is the article in pdf  Part 1:  Part 2: Find the story interesting? You'll also see the power of recovery and if it can happen for me I can help it happen for you too. Buy my book 'Nothing to Declare' it here: [...]

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Hugh Thomson, author and filmmaker, reviews ‘Nothing to Declare’

Regular readers will remember my review of Howard Marks’s book about his adventures and high times in the drugs trade, which I suggested signalled a new form of travel book – the ‘how am I going to get through customs’ genre. Another remarkable example of this was Marching Powder, ghost-written by Rusty Young about the hair-raising experiences of [...]

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