Cocaine addiction is often progressive from that first line or bump because of the benefits a user feels at the beginning. There is typically no drawback and full of benefits as a person under the influence is incredibly energised and productive. In a city like London where I practice cocaine and addiction counselling I see many city workers in the finance sector use cocaine to give them the long lasting power needed to work hard and network long hours. It can get you feeling like the king of the world, full of confidence and able to handle anything.

There is a downside to cocaine use but it comes after the addiction and habit have set in. The powerful stimulant has short lived effects which leads users to take more and more to feel the high. Quickly it can become a very expensive crutch to maintain the speed and clarity rush. Also, the come down can be long and produce feelings of depression and extreme tiredness. The cocaine user often deals with these symptoms by never going without a hit.

The two types of cocaine addiction treatment programs are counselling or detox facilities. It is important to speak with a drug addiction counsellor who can put your treatment program on the best path suited to your needs. Sometimes your needs will conflict with what you feel your life’s responsibilities involve but when you have cocaine addiction it is important to face up to the damage it is causing and address the solution with equal strength.

During counselling you can find yourself working with a counsellor one on one, in group therapy, or daily check-in treatment programs. With this solution you are able to still maintain your work and home life while dealing with the addiction and cravings. There are more opportunities to relapse and be influenced by the environmental pressures that lead you to use cocaine. While this may seem harder, in fact, you will be under the guidance of a counsellor who will help you deal with the real world influences while you get better. This way your treatment involves a total reorganisation of your ability to deal with cocaine use, triggers, and cravings.

The second option is an inpatient treatment facility that will break off the environmental pressures that are causing your cocaine addiction. This will enable you to focus full days on your treatment in a structured way. Rehab centers have staff on hand to deal with issues that arise during withdrawal and the time you are in the center. But the key to successful rehab is that once the inpatient treatment is complete that you have a one on one or group therapy program in place as you integrate back into your regular life.

I am a certified addiction counsellor and can help you with cocaine addiction treatment. My London cocaine addiction counselling practice offers a free consultation to make a personalised cocaine addiction treatment program for you. Make the call now to change your life and beat cocaine addiction.