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“Mark brings an audience alive with his stories and the lessons he brings with it are inspirational”

My talks include personal anecdotes from my book Nothing to Declare: Confessions of an Unsuccessful Drug Smuggler, Dealer and Addict as well as lessons from my professional experience with addictions. I aim to be challenging, engaging and hope to inspire an audience to be more aware of addictions and how they can help others or change themselves. My talks have taken place with small groups, staff conferences, seminars and lectures, conferences and have been featured in national media. Get in touch and see how one of my talks can help your to challenge and inspire your audience. 

Media Information


I regularly act as a media consultant on chemical and behavioural addictions and have featured in The Sun, Evening Standard, Scottish Mail, eFinancial and ITV daybreak, amongst many others. I have written articles for well-respected magazines, newspapers and online forums on this issue and given background briefings to researchers and journalists. If you would like to talk to me about featuring in an article or taking part in a news, TV or radio item, then I am experienced in this area.


Here is a sample of my media work:

Evening Standard

Helenburgh Advertiser Helensburgh Article (pdf)

eFinancial Careers

Addiction Today

Lennox Herald

Daily Record

Sunday Mail Sunday Mail Article page 1 (pdf) Sunday Mail Article page 2 (pdf)

Drink and Drug News

Bournemouth Echo

Addictions and Recovery conference 2013 – Relapse Prevention Strategies

Robert Elms show


UK Edition Voice of Russia

NHS TalkHealth Partnership Expert Advisor: