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Ongoing Path Resources

Thank you for reading the Ongoing Path! Here are the resources which featured in the book that will help you complete the recommended activities. These worksheets will provide the first steps to achieving more control, success, goals, and stronger recovery.

The Ongoing Path guidebook gives you the knowledge to make changes to your life, however, turn this knowledge into real life changes by taking action and completing the worksheets. By getting your thoughts, feelings, and aspirations outside of your mind and on to paper you can begin to see the problems and opportunities for what they are.  Then you will have everything organised and in the open to allow yourself to create a reasonable strategy and plan to make continuous improvements.  Once you start the Ongoing Path and achieve daily positive actions towards your goals, you will find more contentment, balance, and wellbeing in your life.

Online Worksheets

Weekly Budget Template
Debt Management Template
Debt list worksheet additional pages
Weekly Spending Tracking Exercise Template
Achievement History Worksheet
Vision Statement Worksheet
Vision Plan Worksheet Step 1
Vision Plan Worksheet Step 2
Vision Plan Worksheet Step 3
SMART Achievement Model Worksheet
SMART Achievement Model Section 1
SMART Achievement Model Section 2
Honesty Assessment Worksheet
Honest Assessment Worksheet additional pages
Changing the Shoes Worksheet
Feelings Tracker Worksheet
Feelings Checklist additional pages
Fears Worksheet
Healthy Self Audit Worksheet
Food and Drink Diary Worksheet
Time Use Assessment Worksheet
People in my life worksheet
Personal Commitments Worksheet
Action Plan Template

Suggested Further Knowledge

Additional Reading List
Online Bibliography of References from Book

Support Services Information

Further and Higher Education Funding and Links
Employability Support and Links
Twelve-Step Fellowships and Self Help Support Groups
Love Addiction
Alcohol Addiction
Sex Addiction
Work Addiction
Internet Addiction
Medication Addiction
Drug Addiction
Gambling Addiction
Local Authority and Health Support Services (coming soon)

Advice Sheets

Accessing support services: be heard and get the support you need (coming soon)
Over the Counter and Prescription Only Medication List