Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction is a progressive mental health condition that affects every aspect of an individual’s life, as well as their family and friends. I work with clients to stop gambling, set bottom line behaviours and put a plan in motion to get a handle on their finances and rebuild their life. Through counselling we work together to find a new way for you to live without gambling. The first step is to make that call and see how I can help. 

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If you are reading this then you’ve probably hit a moment in your life when your addiction to gambling has put you in a bad place and a desire to break the habit is trying to lead your next actions.  It is important to take advantage of this desire right now and capitalise on your search for gambling addiction help.  The urge to go turn away and not face your problem gambling head on can extend your financial, personal, and relationship problems.  

Create a real recovery plan today

Maybe you are promising to stop or reduce on your own.  This is risky.  You have seen how gambling can get you in trouble, why gamble now with your recovery?  Won’t you expect the same results?  I will get you the help you deserve and a support network to get your life turned around.  No matter how bad things are, from legal and financial problems to broken relationships with family and friends, I have lead many others (including myself) to break free from addiction and lead a new happy and fulfilling life.

No matter your starting point, from debts, legal trouble, work/family issues, or your anxieties and level of addiction; I have built many successful recovery from gambling addiction to many people.

I have helped many people with gambling addiction in London and pointed those in other cities in the right direction.  The trouble with gambling addiction is that there are so many opportunities to slip up.  From online gambling, betting shops on high streets, to FOBTs at bars and restaurants it seems like there is no escape.  Even when you control gambling on your own, a small £5 bet seems ok when the urge hits, but we know that it easily opens up rationalising larger and larger betting until you are back to where you left off.

Gambling addiction counselling is a secure way to make your recovery last

Take control with counselling for gambling addiction, even if to jump start your recovery, and I will provide you the best support and gambling addiction recovery plan tailored to your situation.  You’ve put money into feeding your problem gambling, now take a small part to break free and live on your terms.  No more urges to place a bet, no more financial worries, and no more legal problems.  I know how to navigate all issues that relate to gambling addiction.  Turn to a professional who gives one to one advice and see how quickly you can put a troubled past far behind you.

Improve your relationships with yourself, family, and friends

Gambling addiction impacts not only you and your mental health, from anxiety, depression, guilt, and more.  People that are close to you often are negatively impacted too.  This arises from the lies you tell, the financial troubles that you create, the loans you never repay, the stealing to fund your habit, the legal issues dragging you down, and your increased mental health issues that also become their problems.  We will get to the bottom of your gambling addiction impulses and like a spring cleaning, leave your mind cleaned up and organised.  Once your mind is healthy and you follow the actions needed to make a recovery from gambling addiction then all aspects of your life will become better.

Enjoy the start of your new life

From here on out I will be there for you.  No judgements, no disgust, no attacks.  The only thing you receive is the right level of support as we develop new ways for you to tackle gambling addiction and putting those good pieces of your life back together.  You might be scared, live without gambling? It might feel impossible or too big of a hill to climb.  That is what can happen when you see the problem on your own.  But you can give your gambling addiction to me, I will take responsibility for all the negative issues surrounding your gambling, and provide you a clean slate to start from.  That sounds good right?

Push gambling addiction out of your mind and give it to me to fix.  Start over with a new blank slate today.


“Everything was falling apart – credit cards maxed, bills piling, I was losing my marriage and still I couldn’t stop gambling. Mark helped me start again, rebuild my finances, and combat my Gambling Addiction.”

Call today and put your next steps to beating gambling addiction into action. I have helped many in London with gambling addiction and will give you a professional start to beat gambling addiction quickly and which will allow you to move forward confidently into a new life free of worry, guilt, anxiety, depression, and debt.  

On top of One-to-One Counselling I also offer Group Counselling for Gambling.

When: Weekly 1 hour sessions from 6-7pm Thursdays
Location: 7 Harley Street, London, W1G 9QY

You will receive a full one to one assessment and induction session before group counselling begins.

Get the help you deserve to regain control and liberate yourself from the guilt, pain, and destructive addiction.

Together we will put your life back on the right path and help you succeed.