I can help because I’ve been there. I know the way out.

I am a specialist addiction therapist and a recovery coach and have built a successful Harley Street Counselling Practice.  My Harley Street Addiction Counselling can help you overcome addictions to drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex and more.

I have witnessed chemical and behavioural addictions both personally and within my circle of family and friends. Alcohol and drug addiction, heavy gambling, unhealthy sex and love behaviour, and the list goes on.  Finding my own way to recovery when I hit rock bottom was a hard route, full of mistakes and setbacks.  When I finally had control over my life and my addictions I knew I wanted to bring the same relief, positivity, and purpose to others like me.

Learning the practice of psychotherapy for addiction helped me reach out to all types of addicts, from programmes working with prisoners, helping at homeless shelters, and to wealthy bankers from Canary Wharf.  The addict’s circumstances varied but their addictions had a lot in common.  Now I have many years of experience to help break through addictions of all forms and provide addicts with a secure route to recovery.  Start with a free addiction consultation where I will provide you an honest and knowledgeable path to recovery, whether your personal situation is best helped by my addiction counselling or if an in-patient rehab stay is better for you.

I am the Director of Addictions at Restorative Recovery Prescribing, which provides a revolutionary approach to substance misuse detox and is delivering excellent results for people transitioning from chemical dependency to recovery. The first pilot project was funded by the Homeopathy Action Trust and was a one day a week project in a rehabilitation centre in Luton and a homeless day programme in Slough. After results proved positive, Turning Point’s South Westminster Drug and Alcohol Service (SWDAS) then took on the detox programme. I am the co-founder of Addiction Recovery Clinic, which has two goals: 1) To provide high-level training and support in the latest knowledge, legislation and practice to professionals working with clients suffering from addiction 2) To provide a national expert addiction counselling service, through holistic treatment from detox to treatment and follow up, to those suffering from addictions.

I will give you the best options for success because I know where you are coming from, you’ve lost hope, with the wrong crowd and environment, pushed away loved ones, broken the law, full of guilt and anxiety…  My mission in life is to help all addicts recover and build a positive life to be proud of.  If you are here and looking for help, you’ve got this one chance before the tiny crack of light closes, to call for help and start putting the pieces back together.

Make that call now, there is nothing you can say that will surprise me or even disgust me, I’ve heard hundreds of stories from people at their lowest point.  Everything you say remains confidential.  This call is your safe place and we will find a way for you to get the help that you are searching for and it is absolutely 100% free.  Call anytime, day and night.  If I’m unable to pick-up leave a message and I will get back to you quickly.  My number is 020 3239 7061.


Whatever your problem, I can help.

My experience: 

  • Member of BACP
  • Sixteen years professional experience
  • Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapy
  • Diploma NLP
  • Degree in Management
  • NVQ3 in Substance Misuse
  • Diploma Family Therapy (systemic psychotherapy)
  • TVU Qualified Trainer
  • Advanced level in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
  • Foundation qualification in dual diagnosis
  • NHS TalkHealth Expert Advisor
  • Author of ‘
    Nothing to Declare’ book