Finding the right support for drug addiction counselling in London is difficult when you are at your rock bottom and hoping to latch onto a turning point.  If you are reading this then you most likely were googling ‘help with drug addiction’ or similar.  Do you want a change in the direction your life is heading?

Make a difference today, for you, and I can get the help you need and a proper plan tailored to your situation to beat your addiction to drugs.  I offer a free drug addiction consultation over the phone, just call me on 020 3239 7061. 

If you or a friend/ family member are in dire need for help straight away, call the emergency services on 999 (for the UK) or use 112 (for anywhere in Europe, including the UK).  Ending up in hospital can be a wake-up call to addiction.  Once there, make sure to leave with a drug addiction recovery plan because it is easy to forget the downside to addiction once you’ve started to bounce back.

Here is a great resource for people needing help right away for a drug addict.  It will show you step by step what you can do to help and possibly save a life.

Another great opportunity for drug addiction treatment is the NHS.  It offers many programmes and you can call or go into nearest drug support service.  Their number is linked to Frank helpline on 0300 123 6600 and you can go in to talk with a nearby support service by looking it up here:

And lastly, there is much to be gained from heading straight over to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting.  There is most likely one happening in your area that you can go visit right away.  This is a twelve step recovery programme run by former drug addicts and can be the solution for you.  Here is where you can find meetings:

Drug addicts can make amazing recoveries, regardless of their starting point, and can go on to lead very successful lives.  Why?  Well, one important quality of many drug addicts is their determination.  If you find yourself able to do anything to get that drug of choice then you have a characteristic that will help in life and at work.  Putting that focus and action into positive directions makes a recovered drug addict an ideal candidate to do well. 

Drug addicts are often the definition of the word determination when under addiction and when getting clean.  Make the change in your life today and make that call to me or follow one of the links above to get your determination working for you, not against you.