The damage to your health that can be caused by cocaine addiction is split across short and long term sections. From the first time taking cocaine the user typically only feels the benefits. Cocaine is a powerful stimulant that provides short term feelings of euphoria, confidence, clarity, energy and more.

The signs of cocaine use include dilated pupils, increased energy and movement, and quick upbeat speech. The effects last for around 30 minutes to two hours. From there the damage to the user’s body begins and depending on how much and/or how often the extent can be quite severe, including death.

Within the first hour you have increased the risk of heart attack by 24 times. Problems within your nose and throat arise with an inflamed runny nose, loss of smell, nosebleeds, trouble swallowing, and hoarseness.

Even if it is your first time, cocaine users can die from overdoses. Symptoms include high body temperature, convulsions, high blood pressure, and heart attack/ failure.

Continued use of the drug over time will lead to other lasting damage to the body and mind. For example:

  • Decreased dopamine receptors in the brain which blocks the normal reward pathway the body uses
  • Your mental state is at risk of becoming restless, having panic attacks, paranoia, depression, and anxiety. Other mental illnesses can be heightened by the drug use too.
  • Learning and long term memory are negatively impacted
  • Mini-strokes in your brain as bloodflow is impaired, additionally cocaine use has shown to create holes in the brain
  • The heart is worn out and ages faster, chest pain is commonly associated with the decline
  • Cartilage damage to the nose leaving the user with the typical misshapen nostrils and nose from long term cocaine use

If you are using cocaine to excess and feel that the addiction is taking over your life then this list of health problems may or may not convince you to stop. Some people will read it and think that since the damage is already done then it isn’t worth it to stop now. This is the addict mind leading you to continue abusing the drug. It is important to stop, the damage can be reversed and your mind and body will feel and look better than before, but you need to make the commitment to change today.

Take the first steps to beating cocaine addiction and get in touch for a free consultation at my London cocaine addiction treatment practice. You are valuable to society and worth saving. I have spent years addicted to drugs and finally even more without them. I can show you the way to beat cocaine addiction.