My Sunday Mail Article on ‘Nothing to Declare’

The Sunday Mail covered my book 'Nothing to Declare', here is the article in pdf  Part 1:  Part 2: Find the story interesting? You'll also see the power of recovery and if it can happen for me I can help it happen for you too. Buy my book 'Nothing to Declare' it here: [...]

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Addict’s journey from drugs hell to becoming a Harley Street rehab guru

Article about my journey and book in the Daily Record: WHEN Mark Dempster leaves his Harley Street clinic to head home, he passes the spot where he was scoring drugs and sleeping rough just a few years ago. Counselling stressed-out city traders and millionaires’ kids on addiction, the softly-spoken Scot is one of the UK’s [...]

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Drug use in British prisons

It’s perhaps not the biggest come-hither to the audience for a lecture if the lecturer confesses at the outset that the subject upon which he is going to speak is one that in part he is fairly ignorant of, and in another part quite bores him – yet that is exactly my position. Many of [...]

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Seven alcohol myths

  Blame it on craft beers, inexpensive wine or the down economy -- North Americans are sipping more alcohol, more often. (Twenty-two percent of you say you drink too much, up from 17 percent a decade ago.) And while you all know that problem drinking is a serious health risk (any more than two drinks [...]

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Secret life of my ‘alcohol-dependent’ father says the next Archbishop of Canterbury

In his first interview since becoming the incoming leader of the Anglican Church, Bishop Justin Welby revealed the struggles he had faced as a teenager at Eton, nursing his alcohol-dependant father whose behaviour had become increasingly erratic. Since the age of three, Justin had been brought up alone by his businessman father, Gavin Welby, a [...]

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How to cope during Christmas and New Years

Christmas and New Year are often very difficult for people with mental health problems. Whether the time of year has troubling personal meaning or because you are supposed to be so happy and content or whether it is because everyone is with family and friends and an individual may be alone with mental health problems [...]

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Why the Hostility Toward the 12 Steps?

Few approaches to addiction generate as much controversy as 12-Step recovery. On one side are the ardent supporters of the program, some of whom credit it with saving their lives. On the other side are the critics and those who found that the program didn’t resonate with them or even hindered their recovery. Both have valid points, and both, [...]

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Former drug mule from Helensburgh opens counselling practice

An addict who once travelled the seedy underbelly of the world transporting drugs is now offering counselling services from one of the most respected addresses in the UK. Mark Dempster’s journey took him from Helensburgh through the Himalayas, hiding packages of drugs inside his body, and doing time in and out of prisons with stops [...]

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Feds probe FedEx, UPS over online drug shipments

FedEx and UPS have disclosed they are targets of a federal criminal investigation related to their dealings with online pharmacies, which are at the center of an international crackdown on prescription drug abuse. The shipping companies made the disclosures in regulatory filings over the last several weeks. FedEx spokesman Patrick Fitzgerald confirmed the probe in [...]

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5 Ironies that Keep Addicts Sick Over the Holidays

There is little evidence that depression or suicide rates rise during the holidays, but the season is certainly known for its excesses. Although just as many people (if not more) need help for drug and alcohol addiction, fewer people reach out for treatment in the last couple months of the year. Addicts generally object to [...]

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