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Inside the mind of a cheater

If we've learned anything over the resignation of retired Gen. David Petraeus as the head of the CIA over an admitted affair, it's that high-ranking men and women continue to break the rules. Affairs will always make the headlines. So why is it that these powerful leaders continue to put their careers and reputations at [...]

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A New Look at Rates of Infidelity in Women and Men

Recent research into the area of infidelity reveals some interesting data: women appear to be closing the gap. Until recently, it was believed that women cheated on their mates less frequently and for very different reasons than did men. Women were believed to cheat much less often, and only when they were no longer in [...]

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Addicted to porn: Net junkies reveal how habit destroys lives

SQUEAKY clean in public but privately wallowing in murk, these three Brits are among the nation’s 1.2million porn junkies. They spend up to EIGHT HOURS a day ogling videos and pictures online or on TV and their addiction has overtaken their lives to devastating effect. One is a trainee teacher whose obsession ruined his career [...]

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