On the radio with Dave Hodgson from Talk Radio Europe discussing my history of drug addiction, smuggling, dealing, and recovery from my autobiography Nothing to Declare.

The depth of despair and hopelessness I’ve experienced in addiction and bad choices led me to be broke and homeless. Finding recovery in 12 step programs and counselling I found the strength to beat my addictions and change the behaviours that kept leading me down the wrong path. The problem with the wrong path is that it is so much easier to start going down and I never did think it would end up going wrong again.

Now I’m 16 years clean from drug addiction, alcohol addiction, caffeine addiction, and quit smoking but the real change is making better choices. I’ve put together my life with real friends, bonded and repaired the damage I caused with family, built a new professional career around helping others, and I am confidently going down the right path.

If you need help with making new choices for your life and having them stick this time around, please contact me for a free call to plan out how you can achieve the same success I have had personally experienced. I have assisted many others that are dealing with your similar issues to reach the real goal of a transformed life.