Addiction counselling to your door

Get professional and confidential addiction counselling direct to you. The easiest way to fit sessions into your schedule and make sure you don’t skip an appointment. Consistency in recovery is very important and I can ensure you keep regular appointments for alcohol and drug addiction counselling.

Get in touch for an addiction counselling consultation and let’s book in an appointment to get you started on the right path to recovery. Your next step is to call me on 0203 239 7061


Addiction Counselling in London at Home, Work, or Any Location YOU Choose

Going to a counselling appointment, even one that takes 10 minutes to travel to, can be stressful and too time consuming to fit into a busy work schedule and life. I have started a new service to help you get your counselling sessions into the appointment book by offering travel to your Central London home, work or any location.

It is often the one barrier to counselling that many can not overcome, or, find themselves unable to commit to counselling sessions as their schedule doesn’t allow it.

  • Business: When an appointment right before, during, or after work would fit great.
  • Home: Where you feel comfortable. If you don’t have the strength to get up an out the door.
  • Convenience: Any location where we can talk privately.
  • Family: Taking the time to work on yourself is the best gift to your family but if you can’t get away, fit in counselling that works with you.

Get counselling to your door today and book your first appointment with me. You will see that counselling can work in your schedule and that real recovery from drug, alcohol, gambling, and any addictions you are struggling with is possible.