Nothing to Declare – Testimonials

“Mark Dempster’s book is a must read for anyone who ever feels like giving up on someone who has an addiction”
E. Browne

“I found myself shedding a tear or two and am thankful for the sense of hope and gratitude”

“Told with blistering honesty and a clear self knowledge.”

“…brutely honest and funny at the same time,it is also an inspiration”
Allan Hardie

“A great read. Treat yourself, you wont regret it. Superb!”
Mark Gilman

“…can’t wait to get onto the next chapter to read each situation Mark gets his self into”

“Couldn’t put it down. ‘Nothing To Declare’ is a gripping – at times painfully honest – narrative that is full of depth and richness.”

“I would encourage people to read this book and gain a real insight into the world of drug use.”
C. O’Hagan

A page turner , could not put it down .

“What an amazing story of where addiction takes you,and what you can achieve if you put your mind to it”
Chris Farrell

“From the foothills of the Himalayas, through Spain, Morocco and the underworld of London, a fascinating tale of a driven, ambitious drug dealer”

“A brutally honest account from a reformed drug and alcohol addict”
Mrs. E, S. Wardle

“I really enjoyed reading Marks account of the ‘addicted’ days. It brought back some memories for me, long forgotten…”

“…focuses on the chaos and danger around being an addict, of the drugs industry itself, and how that spirals out of control.”
Bob Gert

“Fantastic book. The kind that grabs you by the eyeballs and pulls you into the story.”

“The immediate parallel that readers will draw with NOTHING TO DECLARE is with TRAIN SPOTTING”
Harry Bucknall

“This is one of those books that grips you from the start and you simply don’t want to put down.”