Product Description

The Ongoing Path is a vital book for any recovering addict, whether still in active addiction, in early recovery or free from active addiction for years. Full of tips, tools and resources, including the shared professional and personal experience of one of the UK’s top addiction experts and his clients, this is a successful programme that will help you achieve your ambitions and reach your full potential whilst remaining free from active addiction.

The book contains three parts: the first, focusing on Mark’s story and sixteen journey from drug dealer to smuggler to addict and then recovery. The second, focuses on addictions in detail, exploring the science of addiction, ways of recovery and each in detail, including gambling, drugs, alcohol, over the counter and prescription only medication, sex, love, and internet addiction disorder. The third and final part to the book offers a programme of action to help you define, set goals and work towards achieving your ambitions and fulfilling your full potential whilst staying free from active addiction.

The book features:

  • Personal and professional experience and advice from one of the UK’s top addiction experts, Mark Dempster.
  • The latest knowledge and science on additions, including the best ways to stop and stay stopped.
  • Techniques, tools and tasks used by clients at Mark Dempster’s Harley Street addiction practice.
  • Case studies from clients and other addicts, offering their experience of addiction and how they started to recovery.
  • Practical next steps, including tasks and additional reading, that will help you embed the learning and change behaviours.
  • Access to online worksheets and support services, complimentary to the book.

About the Author

Mark Dempster runs a highly successful addiction recovery clinic in Harley Street and has helped thousands to recover from addictions in the last seventeen years. He regularly features in the national media and on TV including ITV Day Break, The Sun, The Evening Standard, The Sunday Times, and local, national and international radio. You can read his full biog here.